Call for Paper (Jan-Jnue 2023)

CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS For Media Quarterly Journal” Jan-June, 2023 Issue

THEME- “MEDIA LITERACY & SOCIETAL WELL BEING’ (मीडिया लिटरेसी एवं लोक मंगल)

Media teachers, professionals and scholars from other academic streams are welcome to submit their research papers /articles on any relevant area of the theme up to 2500 words in Hindi or English language till 30th November 2022 at

Communication Today completed its Silver Jubilee of publication and I am feeling proud to share the special issues that have been published throughout these twenty-five years…

  • Changing Values in Journalism (July – Sept 1998)
  • A Compendium of Code of Conduct for Media Professionals (January- June 1999)
  • Kargil Special (January- March 2000)
  • Select Bibliography on Journalism and Mass Communication (April to September 2000)
  • The interplay of Print and Electronic Media (October-December 2000)
  • Journalism and PR Education Special (January- June 2001)
  • Media and Human Rights (April – September 2002)
  • Covid-19 and Media (April – December 2020)
  • 100 years of Media Education in India (January- March 2021)
  • Media Education: Critical Thoughts (April to June 2021)
  • Digital Media: Challenges and Opportunities (Jan- June 2022)

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