New Edition (Apr- June 2021)

I am immensely overwhelmed to receive such wonderful encouraging wishes on the accomplishment of “100 Years of Media Education.”

I am hereby sharing another issue from April-June, 2021 under the umbrella of Communication Today ( A Media Bilingual Quarterly Journal) which comprises of the research papers and articles on Media Education by the senior academicians who belongs to Media Education since a real long duration. I am hopeful that this issue worth 186 pages is also going to receive the same warmth and affection of the readers that they keep on giving for all the issues till date.

The journey of Communication Today could bring forward a successful publication of three Special Issues; the first one is “Covid-19 and Media”, second one is “100 Years of Media Education” and the third one is “Media Education: Critical Thoughts” which is a big achievement for me. Due to the occupancy with the publication of these special issues, the publication of other issues got a bit delayed. I have been receiving many calls from my dear friends, enquiring about publication of their research papers in Communication Today. I assure you all that very soon the other publications will also be done. I am working upon that too so nothing to worry about. This pandemic has brought many hurdles but I am working on all the fields to get each and every publication streamlined just need a little more time. i am hopeful that all my dear ones can understand this and be by my side on this very context. I thank you all and wish the best for the future of yours.


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