Dr. Jayati Sharma

Dr. Jayati Sharma is an academician in the field of Media and Communication Studies with over 18 years of academic and industry experience. Prior to her academic career, she has been an active journalists with leading news daily and news channels as Correspondent, News Anchor and Voice Over Artist.

During her academic career, she has worked on various academic and administrative assignments including Deputy Dean-Students Welfare and Head- School of Communication.
She is on various academic committees including the School Research Degree Committee as Chairperson, Board of Studies, Committee on Curriculum and specializes in Syllabus Designing, Curriculum Delivery and Academic Audit.

Her doctorate research on “Sting Operations by Electronic Media vis-a-vis Media Ethics is one of the pioneers works in India.” She is the Editor of Amity Journal Of Media and Communication Studies- an international peer-reviewed journal published by Amity University Rajasthan since 2011. In addition, she is also on the board of various national and international journals as a Editor and reviewer. Dr. Sharma has two edited books to her credit along with many national and international research publications and paper presentations.

She is been the convener and member of organizing committee for 8 International and National Conference on Media and Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition to her regular teaching assignments, she has also been invited as a keynote speaker and session chair in various international and national academic events. Her area of academic interests are Television Journalism, Media Ethics, Communication Theory and Practice; and Innovation in Education.

Dr.Sharma is currently associated with Amity University Rajasthan as Head-Amity School of Communication

Research Papers:

Dilemma of Deception- To Do or Not To Do (A Review of Literature on Ethics of Deception by media) Research Paper published in International Research Journal of Multi-disciplinary Studies; ISSN 2454-8499, Vol-4, Issue-3 March 2018

Transforming education experiences  through Corporate Social  Responsibility Initiatives  (A Case Study of Bharti Foundation led ‘Satya Bharti Schools’ in Rajasthan) ; Research Paper The Journalist‐A Media Research Journal    ISSN 2231‐2943;  Year‐7, Vol‐1, No‐25, June 2017

Ethics in Media: An Analysis of Philosophical Presets, Perceptions and Practice” Research Paper; Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies; April 2017; ISSN: 2321-8819 (Online) 2348-7186 (Print) Impact Factor: 1.498 Vol. 5, Issue 4, April 2017

“Sting Operations by Indian Electronic Media and Journalism Ethics: A Qualitative Analysis” Research Paper; International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies; ISSN 2321-9203; Vol.4, Issue 10, October 2016


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  1. Dr. Jayati Sharma currently works at the Amity School of Communication, Amity University. Jayati does research in Visual Sociology, Qualitative Social Research and Communication and Media. Technology or product developers, R D specialists, and government or NGO employees in scientific roles


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